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Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Bridal Market, Make-Up and Hair-Dos

I wish, more than anything, that I could fill my post with first person fabulous updates from Bridal Market in NYC. However, I was unable to attend this year so in order to get my fix of all of the gorgeous-ness going on, I had to really up my stalking. Luckily, as the event transpired, some of my favorites on twitter (who were lucky to be there!) made my stalking easy by posting lengthy and photo filled posts that featured all of the amazing dresses on the runway.  Below are my top five and if I had the chance (and budget) I would buy and prance around the house in them.

Bridal Market 2010 - Monique Lhuillier :  wedding bridal market 2010 Val1708 _VAL1708

Monique Lhullier [photo via Miss Penguin of Wedding Bee]

Bridal Market 2010 - Priscilla of Boston :  wedding bridal market 2010 Val8669 _VAL8669

Priscilla of Boston [photo via Miss Penguin of Wedding Bee]
I would DIE to have this as my reception gown!

Bridal Market 2010 - Rivini :  wedding bridal market 2010 Val5648 _VAL5648

Rivini [Photo via Miss Penguin of Wedding Bee]

Priscilla of Boston [Photo via Alison of The Knotty Bride]

Keep reading to see my favorite pick, thus far, and some great make-up and hair pictures!

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