Friday’s Fab Finds: DIY Table Numbers

As I’ve said before, I’m very DIY challenged. However, as I tally up on the costs of my wedding, I’m quickly realizing that I’m going to need to up my craftiness in order to save my pennies. Now, this is a daunting task, since the only creative talent I have is writing and I never have more than 2 minutes of free time. However, my dear best friend and bridesmaid, Emily of A Leap Begins and Burning River Bride, offered to assist me in my embarrassing endeavors which make this less terrifying. (Oh, and obviously there will be wine involved). To keep my sanity (and injuries) at bay, I’m planning to only tackle a few small DIY projects, including table numbers. Although I love some of the table numbers I’ve found before, my budget no longer allows for a store-bought goodie. Below are a few projects that look easy enough that even a DIY dummy like me could tackle them. Oh and don’t worry, I’ll be sure to feature a post full of my DIY attempts.

DIY Pinwheels [via Ruffled Blog]

DIY Pinwheel Table Numbers Horse Ribbon

I’ve seen these used before and I think they are SO stunning. They are also really easy and add such a fun, whimsical, vintage vibe to your tables! All you need for these gorgeous and vintage table numbers is 3×6″ strips of wallpaper x 4, Card stock, contrasting construction paper (for the numbers – see directions for other options), hot glue gun and glue, glue stick and scissors.

For the tutorial, check out Ruffled Blog!

Trifold Table Numbers [via Martha Stewart Weddings]

I love these 3-D table numbers. They are easy and gorgeous and you can color coordinate the colors with your own color scheme! All you need is colored card stock, rubber cement and a printer! (or calligrapher!)

Make sure to check out Martha Stewart Weddings for the step by step in making these!

Love Notes [via Once Wed]

I am honestly in love with this idea. It adds such a romantic touch with the love note and is vintage enough for my wedding. I also love that you can pick and chose the love notes you want in them and what the outsides look like! Such a romantic and really creative idea. All you need is 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch Moleskin Notebooks (one for each of your tables), decorative paper (one half sheet per notebook), glue, ribbon 1/8 inch wide, 2 inch gold sign markers for stick on numbers, double-sided stick tape, scissors, make your own rubber stamps and bone folder.

For a how-to, head on over to Once Wed. Keep reading, there are more DIY lovelies to enjoy!

DIY Vintage Book Table Numbers [via Once Wed & Bird and Banner]






As a huge bookworm, I find these DIY vintage book table numbers absolutely amazing.  If you and your hubby-to-be love books, this is the perfect way to incorporate this into your wedding! This DIY project can be very cheap or expensive depending on the books you use as your props. This is also one of the easiest projects I’ve seen as well! (Which is good for me!) To make these even more romantic, use old romantic or love stories.  For really cheap vintage books, I suggest hitting up your nearest half price book store. To make these, you need a book for each table (and some extras if you want to stack), washi tape in different colors, xacto knife and a white pastel charcoal pencil.

For the instructions, head on over to Once Wed!

Wooden Table Numbers [via Wedding Bee]

Wooden Table Numbers :  wedding diy table numbers 100 0876

Wooden Table Numbers :  wedding diy table numbers 100 0882

I love the bright colors and little pearl buttons on these numbers! By adding just a small, cute detail to each, you take a pretty standard idea and make it unique. You can easily buy the numbers already painted or buy plain wooden numbers and paint them in your wedding colors. A super cheap and super easy DIY project! All you need are giant wooden numbers, little pearl buttons or embellishments and paint. Once you have your supplies, just lay the numbers flat, paint (usually about 3 coats), wait to dry than super glue the embellishments on!

DIY Vintage Frames with Photos [via Bridal Cheek]


These are so perfectly vintage I might just die. I love that they are all in the same frames but each has a different vintage photo. It’s such a fun way to further incorporate your theme into your big day. For these, all you need are frames (you can get packs of 5 at Target, Marshalls, Michael’s Home Goods), old photographs (either printed from online or taken out of old art books, wooden table numbers, spray paint and glue!

For more on these and how to make them, visit Bridal Cheek.

With how easy, cheap and cute these projects are, I actually think I can do this! [With the help of my BFF and my dear friend Chardonnay, of course].



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6 responses to “Friday’s Fab Finds: DIY Table Numbers

  1. I love the look of the tri-fold numbers. The book numbers are so creative too!

  2. I love books as table numbers like in that picture. So simple, yet gorgeous.

  3. I’m totally biased, but I love the pinwheels! I made a ton of them for our wedding…I was GOING to make individual ones as the escort cards, but I ran out of time. Instead, they graced our OOT bags, which still made me very happy!

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