Marvelous Monday: Sexy Undergarments

[Courtesy of Raw Photography]

It’s time to talk sexy lingerie, ladies. So if you are at a work in a conservative office (or you work in the open and not in a private office) I suggest bookmarking this for later reads. Or you can risk your job/life/dignity by opening it up at work like this guy [the third video shown], but my suggestion would be to wait or look on your fancy mobile telephone!

Now, as a girl who owns,  like, 2 pairs of lingerie, I’m no self-proclaimed expert on sexy undergarments. However, as our wedding approaches, I’ve come to realize I need to spice up my underwear drawer, for the wedding night, the honeymoon, and the few days after that he doesn’t drive me insane. I kid, I kid. Seriously though, I’d even wear some of the gorgeous pieces below just to sleep in. In every romantic comedy and girly movie, the beautiful protagonist always sleeps in sexy/pretty outfits, so why can’t I? Even if I don’t end up being the world’s next best movie star, at least I’ll look [kind of] and feel like one, right?! Caution, there is some serious sexiness ahead.

Lace Slip with Garter, Victoria’s Secret

Bustier Set in black, Victoria’s Secret

Gretchen Corset, Agent Provocateur

Matinee Kimono, Agent Provocateur

Bustle-back Slip in Orchid, Victoria’s Secret

Sexy Little Kitty, Victoria’s Secret

Venice Bustier, La Perla

Lace and Mesh Teddy, Victoria’s Secret

Floral Jacquard Garter Slip, Victoria’s Secret

and the finale…

Classic Waspie, Agent Provocateur
Um. How insanely sexy is this get-up? It’s a total fantasy and perfect for a sassy honeymoon night!



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6 responses to “Marvelous Monday: Sexy Undergarments

  1. Love this post! Nothing makes me feel better about myself than the perfect silky lingerie.

    (As a side note, I was definitely on campus when I scrolled through this, despite warnings. I wonder if anyone thinks I’m a creeper!)

  2. The polka dots are my fave. That and the Venice Bustier. Very classy!

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  4. Love love love pretty undergarments….for any day of the week 🙂

  5. There’s little I love more than to slip into something sexy and feminine – even if I’m alone in the house. It makes me feel pretty!! LOVE these options.

  6. Love the Venice Bustier and also the 1st one…the cream flowy one!

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