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Marvelous Monday: Sexy Undergarments

[Courtesy of Raw Photography]

It’s time to talk sexy lingerie, ladies. So if you are at a work in a conservative office (or you work in the open and not in a private office) I suggest bookmarking this for later reads. Or you can risk your job/life/dignity by opening it up at work like this guy [the third video shown], but my suggestion would be to wait or look on your fancy mobile telephone!

Now, as a girl who owns,  like, 2 pairs of lingerie, I’m no self-proclaimed expert on sexy undergarments. However, as our wedding approaches, I’ve come to realize I need to spice up my underwear drawer, for the wedding night, the honeymoon, and the few days after that he doesn’t drive me insane. I kid, I kid. Seriously though, I’d even wear some of the gorgeous pieces below just to sleep in. In every romantic comedy and girly movie, the beautiful protagonist always sleeps in sexy/pretty outfits, so why can’t I? Even if I don’t end up being the world’s next best movie star, at least I’ll look [kind of] and feel like one, right?! Caution, there is some serious sexiness ahead.

Lace Slip with Garter, Victoria’s Secret

Bustier Set in black, Victoria’s Secret

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