Marvelous Monday: The Photo booth

The photo booth is one of my favorite wedding trends as of late. As a kid, my cousin and I would have lemonade stands at our summer cottage. Even though we sold our glasses at merely 25 cents a pop, we still often walked away with 30-50 dollars a piece! At the ripe old age of 7 and 8, that money went to two places,  the island arcade and candy bar. After we’d spend a majority of our money stocking up on liquid candy and Big League Chew, we’d spend our last few dollars on  the arcade photo booth. [The photos in question are still hanging on the fridge at the cottage!] Every time I see those, I laugh [at my hair and outfit mostly, but also at the goofy faces we’d make] and each time I remember how much fun we had.  That is one thing I love about photos, the memories and the joy they bring, even years after the fact.

If you are going for the nostalgic look and feel at your wedding, I highly recommend renting an actual photo booth. Many companies have a few different booths they rent out, ranging from very vintage to very modern. Most offer many different photo options and allow guests to print their photos on the spot. Prices vary greatly, but some booths can cost over 1,000 dollars. If your budget does not allow for an actual booth, ask your photographer to stage one for you! If your photographer will be bringing an assistant, see if the assistant can assemble a “booth” area for 30-60 minutes of the reception, where guests can come and stage their own goofy/cute photos! If you want the look of the booth, design a fun backdrop using frames or mirrors or find a well decorated/fun area of your reception!

Photo booths are fun entertainment for guests of all ages! [Via]

This bride made her own backdrop with frames and wallpaper! This adds a very vintage and DIY vibe to the makeshift booth! [Via]

A makeshift DIY photo booth with different cameras for totally different looks. Leaving the film behind gives the bride and groom an extra gift at the end of the wedding. [Via]

Taking goofy photos together allow the bride and groom to relax and have fun with each other after the ceremony is over. I love that the photographer got candid photos of the lovely couple inside their photo booth! [Via]



I’m obsessed with this couple, their guests and their hilarious photo booth pictures! I can not think of a better way to take photos at your wedding. What a perfect way to remember how much fun everyone had! [Via]

Having a prop table is a sure-fire way to bring out the kid in anyone! You can also really bring out your theme with this as well, like this brides vintage theme and props. [Via]

This would be a really cute favor/welcome bag gift for guests if you did a private photo booth prior to the wedding. [Via]

I love candid photos! This picture cracks me up. [Via]

You can have so much fun with props when you have a makeshift photo booth. And the photos that result are absolutely amazing (and hilarious). I love the boat on the ocean prop and the progression of photos! [Via]

This is it. I’m SO having a photo booth at my wedding! [Via]

and the finale…

This is my favorite photo ever. It’s so clever and adorable! [Via]



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