Helper of the Bride Etsy Shopping Tool Launched

I bet you are wondering what this picture is of, and I will get to that shortly! Because it’s #FF, I’ll first mention that all of you brides in planning need to follow Helper of the Bride [@HelprOfTheBride]. This website is geared towards bringing real bride bloggers together, as well as offer tools [like the Etsy shopping tool above] that help make brides lives a little easier. Since Etsy is a brides best friend [read: my best friend] I was ecstatic when the great minds behind Helper of the Bride asked me to review their new Etsy shopping tool.

The picture above is a screen shot of the Etsy tool when the Wedding category is clicked. When I first went into the tool, I was immediately relieved and amazed at how intuitive it is. All you do is click a category and the pictures below populate with what Etsy offers under that category. At first glance, this tool seems to offer exactly what the Etsy site does. However, once I played around with it a little, I realized you can search based on price parameters, which makes budget bride shopping even easier [shown in photo below].

I’m on a budget, like most brides, and being able to search for Etsy necklaces that fall within my jewelry budget makes it so much easier to find something I love AND can afford. This is also really helpful for bridesmaids who are shopping for wedding day jewelry on a budget as well.  Like shown above, you can search for products that fall within a certain parameter, such as $20-40 dollars.

Another great feature on this tool is you can hover over any thumbnail for a complete description of the product. This is really helpful because instead of having to click on the product, read, then click back if you aren’t interested, you can just stay on the main search page and read without going anywhere. I love this b/c I can hover over and read as many products as I”d like without clicking back and forth!

This also makes shopping for a certain product [like a fabric bouquet made of only Egyptian cotton] easier b/c you can weed out products that don’t fit your mold faster.

This tool also still features all of the standard filtering tools found on Etsy, like searching by highest price, seller and category, but has made Etsy shopping even easier by introducing the hover feature, price range slider and ability to zoom in all of the thumbnails for a better look. This tool is  a MUST for all planning brides and the Etsy obsessed!

For more information on the tool and to test it yourself, visit Helper of the Bride!


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