Friday’s Fab Finds: A perfect send-off




The send-off is one of my favorite moments in a wedding because of how amazing the photos turn out. Traditionally, most send offs occur right after the ceremony as the bride and groom as whisked off in a private car, limo, what have you to be taken to the reception. However, now, with many brides I know, they are getting married at the same venue they are hosting their reception at, so their send off occurs after the last song and they are carted to their hotel or wherever they are spending their first night as a married couple. Regardless of when you do it, the photos turn out fantastic because at that moment, not only are you excited and emotional, but every single person there is as well, and the camera really captures that. Although I think throwing rice is an adorable tradition, I’m falling in love with some of the more modern and whimsical send-off ideas I’m seeing in blogs and magazines. Here are some of my favorites!

Paper confetti adds such fun, silly flair to any wedding! [via]

Throwing paper/plastic leaves is seriously perfect for an Autumn wedding! [via]

Sparklers are a perfect end to a Spring or Summer evening affair! [via]

Add some more color to the send-off by waving vibrant, home-made ribbons! [via]

This happy couple is being sent-off in a shower of graham crackers, marshmallows and mini chocolate chips! What a fun way to bring in the s’more idea! [via]

Bubbles are a very fun and playful way to send-off the bride and groom, and there’s almost no clean up necessary! [via]

Driskill Wedding Send Off

There is nothing more romantic than being sent-off with rose petals! [via]

and the finale…




Pom Poms! I love this idea because it’s so cute and very budget friendly! [via]


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  1. These are all great send offs. I think my classic favorite is the bubbles. Blowing bubbles is always so much fun and can really bring out the kid in us.

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