Friday’s Fabulous Finds: The Wishing Tree

A wish tree is a personal, very beautiful, way to congratulate the bride and groom

There’s one trend I’ve seen lately in weddings that I honestly think is the cutest.thing.ever. And this adorable little number leaves me giggling and happy every time I see someone use it. This new favorite of mine is the wishing tree. The wishing tree is an older tradition where instead of a guest  book, guests are given a piece of cardstock, or paper shaped like a leaf where they can write a well wish to the bride and groom. After the tree is filled, it’s often garnished with jewels or lights and used as a centerpiece or decor item. These trees not only look gorgeous, but they provide guests with a fun way to congratulate the bride and groom that is both new and deeply traditional. It’s also one of those fabulous decor items that serves more than one purpose, especially if you use it as a centerpiece or a lantern at night!

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and the finale…

A wish tree featured at the real wedding of Justin & Katie Compton [aka SheLikesRuffles on Twitter!] How cute is her nephew hanging his wish? For more fabulous pictures of her wedding, visit her blog  Ruffles & Truffles.

Photo courtesy of Pilster Photography




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4 responses to “Friday’s Fabulous Finds: The Wishing Tree

  1. kjpugs

    Love Katie’s wedding, of course! I think this is a cute idea especially if you have a lobby area… what a simple, yet beautiful way to decorate with meaning!

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  3. I was definitely on the wish tree bandwagon (obviously…). The lobby of our venue had a big round table right in the center of the room: it was the perfect spot, and our guests definitely did not miss it!

  4. oooooooooh this one is lovely!!! as soon as I get my pictures I’ll send you mine! (I’m STILL waiting!!)

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