Friday’s Fab Finds: China & Dinnerware!

You can’t have a swanky dinner party without swanky, matchy china ware!

Today, instead of focusing my day on planning my nuptials, I’m focusing on the 50 years+ of days that follow.  As a bride to be, 65% of my time is spent planning the wedding, 34% is spent living outside of the wedding world [working, eating & sleeping, working out & studying nutrition] and a mere 1% is spent thinking about what will happen AFTER we return from our honeymoon. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve done some preliminary preparation for the vast unknown that is our future [such as registering for things and talking about finances] but even that had only half of my attention. That was until we reached the china/dinnerware portion of our registry adventures. Suddenly, the 1% of my brain that had been in recluse inflamed and I became immediately obsessed with china patterns, colors and sets, talking Elliot’s ear off about how “fab these would look during our dinner parties!” He, of course, combatted that with “we live in a one bedroom apartment and have like 3 friends, we don’t have very many dinner parties.” Regardless, I got excited and registered us for 3 different sets of china ware. My mother then told me I could only sign up for one “boo you madre!” so I took off two. However, I’m still just as china/dinner party obsessed so I thought I’d share my obsessions with you. Because unlike my better half, ya’ll get this side of me 🙂


How gorgeous is this bright, country blue china set? I love the bright florals inside of the tea cups, bowls and on the canister! [Ralph Lauren Mandarin Blue Collection]

I love the bird and light blue design. Perfect for a bridal luncheon, no? [Lenox Chirp Collection]

I love how classic and modern this design is. It would be perfect for a fall or winter dinner party or holiday soirée! [Noritake Everyday Elegance Mahogany Rose]

These are simple, elegant and timeless [much like miss ML herself!]. A perfect set for a trendy/swanky dinner party! (or to eat Domino’s pizza on, I mean, I’d do it.) [Monique Lhullier for Royal Doulton Modern Love]

Williams Sonoma

I love the simple pastel coloring and the fun design on this set. It has a great Hampton’s/cottage vibe. [Marisol Dinnerware Place Sets]

I know this isn’t a dinner set, per say, but how cute are these Italian recipe plates? Perfect for a lunch or brunch! [Italian Recipe Plates]


I love the branch design and the bright red make this set a statement piece! [Cristobal Red by Raynaud]

I love the use of gold and bright blue in this set, gorgeous! And it’s cleverly titled “Hampton’s blue.” I guess all you need after this set is a home in the Hampton’s! [William Yeoward]

I love the feminine pink and floral design. I can’t say most hubby-to-be’s would be too fond of this design, but it’s simply breathtaking! [Marchesa by Lenox Spring]

Marchesa is just good at everything, right? I love the lace trim around the edges. It adds a dash of vintage femininity and is not too bold. [Marchesa by Lenox French Lance]

This is probably one of my favorites, ever. I love the turquoise and gold color scheme and the detail. This set is so incredibly gorgeous and fit for royalty. [Royal Crown Derby Darley Abbey]


Not only is this set a steal at less than $70 dollars a set, it’s also GORGEOUS! I love the contrasting colors! [Gray Stem Dinnerware]

Simple, classic and still a bit edgy. This is what I like to call “in-laws for dinner” china. That is, if you actually like them 🙂 [Sketch by Correlle]

I love this gorgeous blue design. It reminds me of old china your grandparents would give you. But so much cooler. [Medallion Dinnerware]

I LOVE this red floral design. I doubt my fiancée does, but I do. Which means, I want it. [Carmine Blossom]



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3 responses to “Friday’s Fab Finds: China & Dinnerware!

  1. oOOoOo!! I want the Monique Lhullier set – that is PERFECTION!!!

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  3. kjpugs

    I LOVE the Lenox Chirp!

    We didn’t register for china (much to my hubby’s Aunt S’s horror) because we have these awesome glass plates from Wal-Mart that look REALLY nice and can go on top of chargers if necessary (we have red chargers that look really cool with it.) Eventually I’d like some nicer china though.

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