Guest Post: Friday Finds – Fabulous!

Happy Friday everyone! This is Nicole from the Niche White Bridal Loft stepping in for Claire today!  I know you just loved Naomi‘s guest post yesterday and I’m going to try very hard to follow in her footsteps.

I have only ‘known’ Claire for a short while but she has been an amazing addition to my core of Twitter friends and my daily blog obsession.  I love her sense of fashion, Etsy addiction, Tuesday shoe picks, and the charming, vintage Southern feel of her upcoming wedding… and so all of those things will be represented in today’s Fab Finds!

Another Claire I adore is Claire La Faye.  Her designs are perfectly girly and perfectly made, worn by the Hollywood elite yet readily available to us “common folk” on Etsy.  The label is described as emitting “a heavy nostalgia for romance and days gone by, yet still rings all things sexy and unique”.  Like I said – perfect.

Parisian Princess

Queen for a Day

I Do

Wouldn’t they be even more perfect hanging on your new name?

Lila Frances

On to shoes! I loved finding these clips on Etsy – you can make any of your already-favorite-shoes into your wedding shoes with little cost and little effort.  Genius.

Kandace by Chloe and Maddie

Tea cup bracelets – the accessory for any Southern bride! Who knew?! If this totally unique look doesn’t go with your wedding dress, I bet they would be fab for your rehearsal dinner or bridal luncheon.

Stay Gold Mary Rose

And finally….. I promised Claire I wouldn’t come in here and post a bunch of nekkid Vin Diesel pictures but…

Just kidding! Well, if I could have found some I might have done it but the Realistic Wedding Blog stays PG rated for now. 🙂  Have a great weekend everybody! I had a blast but will be glad to see our girl back on Monday.



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12 responses to “Guest Post: Friday Finds – Fabulous!

  1. I was just warming them up! This is absolutely glam-tastic!And because I am a girly girl (I am really bad…I talk and a purse, shoe, or something Tiffany falls out of my mouth) I would like to have everything you posted in a size 7.5 and 8 please. The name on the hanger should read…RockStar. xoxo Love it!

  2. Wow! That’s some amazing stuff. The wedding dress and the shoes just look splendid and complementing each other in a good way. Loved the flower on the shoes. I’m sure the guests would indeed be floored by the beauty of the bride with this.

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  4. Nicole, girl, I am loving everything about this post. BUT….


  5. Those dresses and the queen for a day dress! Whoa!!! Lovvvvvvvvve.

  6. Gorgeousness all over the place in this post! Claire, what a well-chosen guest poster you’ve got here! I love your style, Nicole!!!

  7. Great finds girl!! I love the bracelets! Very vintage & girly..just my style! xo

  8. LOOOUUURRRVE Claire La Faye. Great finds – definitely fabulous.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous dresses.

  10. lifeinwhite

    Hellooooo Romance!

  11. ooooooh wow! thank you so much for those great ideas – especially the shoe clips! have been looking for some great adornments like that! going to check out etsy now.. 🙂 xo

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