Guest Post: Some Gorgeous DIY Favors, including Tattoos & Succulents!

Hi, everyone it is Naomi from Enchanted Dream Weddings & Affairs guest posting for my friend Claire! When Claire said she was going on holiday and needed a few guests posts while she was away I immediately replied, “I will!” Then I thought what am I going to share with Claire’s lovely readers? Problem solved! I found a couple of DIY’s that are easy, fun, and sure to put a smile on your guests face. I also came up with three creative things you can do at your wedding reception to keep the good cheer and well wishes flowing. Enjoy!

Comic Book Candy Bar Wrappers

This DIY is quite a cute one! You can find inexpensive old comic books on eBay. Choose a few of your favorites comic books and you have a personalized candy bar to give to your guests. I personally loved The Archie’s! Place the name of each guest along with their table number and not only do you have a favor (an awesome one I might add) you also have an escort card! Find the step by step picture tutorial on the DIY blog Intimate Weddings. Is this not a cool idea or what?

Simple Succulents

Everyone, OK almost everyone, is crazy about succulents. Makes sense they are the easiest plants to care for and honestly, in this busy world who has time for high maintenance anything. This simple project can be done with next to little effort. Find the tutorial for this project (and other super cool things to create with succulents) on the blog Yes, Please.

Fortune Cookie for You Little Grasshopper?

Surprise you guests with lovely fortunes with these DIY Fortune Cookies. Made out of paper, you can customize it to match your wedding. For the full tutorial and more ideas,   visit Once Wed.

Here is the same idea in a different palette color from design.wash.rinse.repeat. Make sure to vary the paper patterns and add a few different shades of the colors you chose to keep it interesting.

Temporary Tattoos (yes at a wedding!)

I absolutely love this original idea! Maybe it is because I have wanted a tattoo for so long and this would be the closest I would come to a real one. These are almost as cool as the real ones. I came across this idea on Crafters (Do It Your Own Damn Self). Gotta love that name!

So easy! Have some temporary tattoos made (Temporary Tattoo) with your names and the date of your wedding. Lay them in a basket along with a spray bottle filled with water and paper towels. In no time, you will have more people inked with your name to rival those who have Pamela Anderson’s! You can also attach the temporary tattoos to your favor bag! Super fun!

Reception Fun!

Now that I have shown you some cool DIY’s, here are some additional ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding to make the ordinary a little extraordinary.

1-Almost, every beach wedding offers their guest flip-flops truly a great idea at all. Why not have a basked of flip-flops at your reception, too? If you want keep your guests on the dance floor provide some flip-flops so the dancing does not stop! Create a cute little sign to let your guests know that you thought of everything!

2- Are family elders attending your wedding? Try to find out, without suspicion, the name of the first song they danced to as husband and wife. Imagine the surprise on your grandparents face when they hear their wedding song!

You do not have to play the entire song. As the DJ to limit the song to 2.5 minutes so that it does not take up too much time and that the other set of grandparents (or another family couple) can dance to their song as well. Make sure you let the photographer know the plan ahead of time so he can get some great photos that you can gift to them later!

3- Receptions do not have to be boring! Have you ever been to one where wish there was something that could just help break the ice? Here is a good one but it will only work without the bride & groom knowing and it has to be organized. They also must live in separate homes.

The bride and groom are each given a basket. The MC announces that since the bride is now a married woman, anyone with a key to her place should give back the key. Lots of male guests and perhaps even one of the waiters come up and drop keys in her basket. Next, it’s the grooms turn. Only one guy and maybe an elderly aunt drop a key in his basket. When this is being arranged, someone in the wedding party will quietly hand out keys and instructions. This should get a ton of laughs and break the ice. {Wedding & Romance}



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12 responses to “Guest Post: Some Gorgeous DIY Favors, including Tattoos & Succulents!

  1. Temporary Tatoos! Utter cuteness!!!

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  3. These favors are amazing! Love Naomi – and great choice in picking her to guest blog 🙂

  4. great ideas noami!! i absolutely love the idea of playing your grandparent’s first song …so sweet!! and the comic favors are so cool!! yay!! girl you rock

  5. Alicia

    Those fortune cookies are adorable! I love it!

  6. I had tons of fun creating this post and I’m glad that Claire allowed me to do this for her and that you all liked my finds! xoxo

  7. Ohmigosh those little fortune cookie are total gorgeousness – I LOVE that idea. Lots of fantastic ideas here Naomi – great post!

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  9. I’m IN LOVE with the temporary tattoos!! Such a clever anf fun favor!!! Great post Naomi!!!!

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