Marvelous Monday: Cake Toppers

Cake toppers used to be a thing of the past; something you’d see in wedding photos from the 50’s and 60’s. However, now with the re-surging popularity of all things vintage and brides desiring to bring their personalities and funk to their cakes, cake toppers have made a strong come-back! Don’t worry, these aren’t your ‘mother’s’ cake toppers. The ones that are showing up in weddings this day in age have a modern, romantic, funny and whimsical flavor to them!

LOVE ANGELS Wedding Cake Topper-love bride and groom with sweet heart - Couple

I love the personalization on this adorable bride and groom topper. [Etsy]

Handmade Keepsake Wedding Topper with ONE Pet - CUSTOM ORDER

I love the doggy on this homemade wedding topper. [Etsy]

Cute Love birds wedding cake toppers -Custom details and colors

How cute are these birds? Modern, artistic and whimsical. [Etsy]

Custom Keepsake Wedding Cake Topper with Clouds in the Background

I love this cute, wooden duo. [Etsy]

I LOVE this topper. I think it’s my favorite so far! [Photography by Simply Bloom, featured on The Knotty Bride]

Adorable cake topper that sits on your cake! Perfect for a laid back couple! [Traditional Cake Toppers]

Wedding Cake Topper Bride and Groom Birds with birdcage veil and feather accents

Bride and Groom birds that are so cute! [Etsy]

Custom LOVE Cake Topper Free Shipping

Love these modern and colorful toppers! [Etsy]

LOVE ANGELS Wedding Cake Topper-love Swan

How cute are these swan cake toppers? Aren’t they absolutely magnificent? [Etsy]

Wedding Cake Topper Birds Nest Flower Girl Basket Ring Bearer Pillow Mr and Mrs Personalized Woodland Rustic Fairytale Fall Autumn Wedding Decoration

I could not think of anything more perfect for an outdoor, rustic wedding! [Etsy]

Custom Wedding Cake Topper

How funny is this? I love the man’s eyes!! [Etsy]

Enter your married life with good luck by having this horseshoe on top of your cake. [Martha Stewart Weddings]

There’s nothing more beautiful or romantic than fresh flowers on top a cake. [Martha Stewart Weddings]

I love this saucy, sexy take on the original bride and groom topper! [Yacanna]


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One response to “Marvelous Monday: Cake Toppers

  1. These are adorable! I especially like the first few you posted. Perfect for a “quirky” couple.

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