Guest Book gets a Makeover

Lately, I’ve seen some really unique ideas for guest books, and not on purpose either. As I’m perusing blogs and wedding sites, these fun and different guest book ideas just keep popping up! I took that as a sign,  so I’m posting a few of my favorites. What I love about the guest book idea is that it’s so easy to personalize and make your own.  Why have just a notebook when you can have one of these snazzy ideas instead?!

Unique Guestbook Ideas :  wedding guestbook B138337

Typewriter! Perfect for Vintage Weddings! [Ms. Apple Cider, Weddingbee]

Why limit the guest to a book? Give them the whole table! [Simply Divine Events]

A Wish Tree! So adorable. [Simply Divine Events]

Instead of having them sign, have them answer a question! I seriously love this idea. Can you imagine some of the amazing responses you’d get? [Once Wed]

I’m obsessed with this idea! Instead of having one central “guest book”, you can place a thought-provoking book [with the question on the front and blank pages instead] at each table! It serves as an ice breaker and a great way to get some great ideas and advice! [Martha Stewart Weddings]

File cards, very cute and colorful! [Martha Stewart Weddings]

A fun card station! You can also hang the cards with clothing pins for added flair once guests are done signing![Once Wed]

Signed plate! Love this idea! [Pink]

What better way to incorporate your love for music than have your guests sign a vinyl? A must if you are having a retro theme. [The Knot]

Unique Wedding Guest Book

Easily the most unusual idea I’ve seen! Guests signed plexiglass shard that was illuminated after the guests signed their piece! Such a gorgeous way to showcase your guests well wishes, and a really cool decoration at night! [Modern Wedding].


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One response to “Guest Book gets a Makeover

  1. Hi! I love all of these ideas… I was just at a wedding last night where they had the plate/bowl… however, be careful with it since there were 200+ guests and we had no room to sign it when we finally got a chance to… so that’s a great idea but make sure you have enough space for all of your guests if you choose that one!


    PS – Hi Elliot!

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