Party favors, centerpieces, place holders…decor & gifts all in one!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m all about the party favors, or “my bags” as Emily [Burning River Bride] calls them. I think I even had my favors picked out before my venue, photographer and wedding coordinator. For some reason, finding and discovering fun favor ideas is so relaxing to me, almost therapeutic. Well, the further I get into wedding planning, the elaborate, expensive favors I once thought I couldn’t live without are proving to be way out of my financial grasp.  So instead of scrapping the favor idea [and the hours and hours of time I spent searching them] I’m finding fun ways to make them more versatile, that way, getting a bit more bang for the buck. Check out a few of my favorite favors that “moonlight” as something else!

2-Piece Square Favor Box

Favor boxes that can be decor on the gifts/sweets table and double as a place for take-home goodies

Personalized Wedding Lollipops

Personalized lolly pops that are perfect for a sweets/candy bar!

Mini Oil and Vinegar Bottles with Personalized Labels

Edible and perfect for the buffet station or dinner table

Personalized Champagne Flute Wedding Favors

Champagne Flutes [or wine glasses] that serve as guest’s stemware!

Silver Beaded Place Card Frames

Photo frame that works as a place holder, and a nice little frame for guests to take home and use!
The Knot

view larger picture

Little monogramed candles that work as cute table decor, especially for evening, outdoor weddings!
My Wedding Favors

view larger picture

Flip flops [save money by not personalizing] that guests can wear on the dance floor!
These are from My Wedding Favors

Miniature Flower Pots - pack of 6


view larger picture

A mini ceramic pot plus seeds can serve as a fun bundled place holder!
[DIY hint: Get labels with the guest names printed and place them around the pots. Place the seeds inside for a fun extra!]
Ceramic pot from Good Things Wedding Favors and seeds from My Wedding Favors

view larger picture

Mini wedding cakes are cute alternatives to a real cake, as well as a cute addition to a sweets bar or a place holder
My Wedding Favors

Any other brides have any unique, fun, DIY ideas for a favor that doubles as decor, food or a place holder?


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