A doggy dog…wedding?

I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m pretty obsessed with my dog. I have a 2-year-old shih-tzu, Oscar [named after Oscar de la Renta], who is the light of my life. He’s basically my child, and anyone who knows him can attest to that. Here, take a little gander at my mop, or as Emily calls him, an E-wok.

Although I could probably write this post all about how cute he is, there is another reason I made this post all about him. We aren’t having children in our wedding [not because we don’t like children, more because we really don’t know any kids!] so the position of a ring bearer, at this point, is vacant. However, as I continue my search for wedding inspiration, I keep seeing weddings where the couple’s/bride’s/groom’s pet serve a significant position in the wedding. Below are a few of my favorite that I’ve seen.

Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Courtesy of Wedding Ideas


Courtesy of KT Merry photography

Courtesy of Nice Pets Blog

Courtesy of The Wedding Dog

Courtesy of Kim Hayes photography

Courtesy of Dog Time

Courtesy of Pet Occasion

Seriously, aren’t they so cute?? So the question that I’m posing is, should I include my little dog as the ring bearer for our big day? I’m torn 50/50 so comments and advice are welcomed!



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3 responses to “A doggy dog…wedding?

  1. DO IT!!! Oscar is such a laid back pup. I think he’d do great!!

  2. I say if your pup is up for it, do it. If you have one of those pups that will act crazy (I have a Jack Russell, perfect example!) and freak out if there are a bunch of people, you may not want to do that. If he is super laid back and will perform the task without a hitch, I say go for it! Heck, it’s your wedding, do what makes YOU happy!!!

  3. I saw your post on WB and wanted to come over to tell you – DO IT! We had our dogs in our wedding…as ring bearers. They dont have peeing problems, but all we did was, when it was time, have them walk down the aisle, say hello to DH at the altar, then get escorted out of the church ot an AC’d waiting room until the ceremony was over. Then someone drove them home for us. They were included, but not overwhelmed. If you are worried about him peeing on someone, designate someone special to walk them down the aisle on his leash!

    Also keep in mind-our dogs are VERY comfortable around groups of people, children, etc, and dont mind being the center of attention. They ATE IT UP. But some dogs might panic and get stressed out over it. We didnt give them the opportunity to mingle with the guests, so we didnt worry about allergies or anything.

    I posted some pics over on your WB post =o)

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