Sweet’s Galore

This photo sums it up!

I have such a sweet tooth. It’s a problem, really. I just have an insatiable appetite for all things chocolatey and sugary. As an aspiring nutritionist, this is probably not something to talk about. If there is ever one place to go off the sweets deep end, it’s your wedding, and I’m taking full advantage of that. And I’m hoping to be so thin anyway [wedding dress prep, see my exercise plan here & my diet plan here] that even if I gain 5 pounds due to my sweets overload I’ll still be in good shape!

Because of my sweet tooth, I knew just a wedding cake was not going to be enough of the sugary stuff to suffice. So instead of just having one option, I’m going to feature many options at our sweets bar! I’ve seen the idea a lot lately and I just fell for how clever and cute it is and how you can easily manipulate it to fit any theme. I’m also SUPER excited because my mother, who is a baker extraordinaire, is going to be making 95% of the sweets! That way they will be  unique to us and unique to her! Although I’m not sure what she’s going to make, below are a few of my favorite sweet bar ideas. I do warn you though, you will have a serious sweet craving after you are done!

Can’t go wrong with cupcakes and fondant! —Martha Stewart Weddings

Mini pound cakes [or mini loaves!]–Martha Stewart Weddings

Pie! [My mom makes the BEST pecan!]–Martha Stewart Weddings

Petit Fours–Martha Stewart Weddings

S’more station, how cute of an idea!–Brides.com

A candy bar!–Little Bits of Lovely

Candy, snow cone and cake bar! So clever!–Wedding Paper Divas

Petite dessert stand with truffles, cookies, brownie pops and mini pastries! I love this idea!–JFood for Thought

Chocolate Fondue Fountain with an assortment of fruits, treats and nuts to dip! YUM!

A cookie bar! Love the personalized cookie jars!–EllyB Events


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  1. sad to say, but one of my favorite parts of a wedding is the presentation of the sweets – and I love how more and more weddings are moving beyond the cakes and cupcakes to offer more unique options for their guests.

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