Bird cages are no longer just for birds

I’ve never been a bird person. I’ve never had a pet bird or really had a need for a real bird cage. Well, until now. As I look for wedding decor with a vintage twist, images of bird cages keep popping up. At first, I was not impressed and moved on to the next image. However, now I just can’t get enough of them! There is something so deliciously vintage and charming about bird cages as wedding decor. They are statement pieces without being too flashy or over the top.  Below are my favorite uses of the bird cages that I’ve seen in real weddings.

Bird cages as tree decor.  Courtesy of Star Events.

As wall decorations and as centerpieces! Courtesy of the Sedona Wedding Blog.

As centerpieces again. [LOVE this idea]. Courtesy of Mint Design.

As a place holder for guests and place to put tea candles on tables. Courtesy of Bizrate.

As a decorative place to put greeting and wedding cards on the gift table! [I love the white intricate design of this one!] Courtesy of Beau-Coup.

As lanterns above the guests tables for outdoor weddings. Courtesy of Weddings on the French Rivera.

As the cake topper! [I love this idea! I would probably use it for our secondary cake or the sweets bar!] Courtesy of

As a cute place to put cupcakes, cookies and other sweets! [I love how vintage and unique this idea is! I’m definitely stealing it!] Courtesy of The Knot.

As a box for wedding favors that guests can take home. Courtesy of Favor Studio.

Don’t even get me started on bird cage veils! [Which will appear in a later post!]



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