Have your cake & Eat it too!

One of my favorite parts of wedding planning, thus far, has been picking out our menu and sifting through thousands of cake designs. I’m not going to lie, I’m a fan of food and food will be a very big part of my very big day! Although there are so many really cool cake designs and flavors out there, I’ve found a *few * that actually leave me speechless. [And those who know me well know that is not an easy thing to do!] It’s just amazing how some bakers can create such a truely remarkable piece of edible art! [Please note, the colors below are not the colors that will be in my cake. Just purely design]

Three-tiered square wedding cake accented with funky green tiling and oversized green flowers.

Four-tiered white fondant wedding cake covered with green sugar-made leaves.

The non-traditional cake took an architectural, column shape and featured black flowering branches on a white background, a design characteristic of the fin de siecle era.

Each of the cake’s three tiers was topped with rich green orchids. Inside were layers of strawberry cream cake and haupia, a traditional Hawaiian coconut-flavored dessert.

Meg and Jim’s three-tiered, white fondant-frosted cake was decorated with brown fondant floral cutouts. The chocolate and raspberry confection sat atop a milk-glass cake stand, which the couple had bought on eBay.

This three-tiered round cake is covered in pale pink fondant and adorned with long green fondant stems, gum paste hot pink ranunculus, and tiny butterflies.   Photo By: James Worrell

I’m getting hungry just looking at them!


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  1. Christina

    Hi! I just visited your webside and found the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. It’s the cake on top of the page. Since I’m from austria I can’t order the cake from you, but I hope you could tell me how to make this kind of incredible cake!!! I showed the picture to my confectionery but he doesn’t know how to do it. So pleeeeease help me!! thanks,

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