Honeymoon shopping!

How tranquil does this look?

I know it’s a bit unorthodox to spend hours doing honeymoon research when I have, oh, I don’t know, an entire wedding left to plan? But, there is a method to my madness, you see. Although planning a wedding is a blast and a gratifying experience, it can be a bit stressful. What better way to relax [my mind and my body] than to daydream about the white sandy beaches and crystal blue water Elliot and I will be seeing everyday on our honeymoon? I’m sort of obsessed with vacations [taking them, planning them, the mere idea of them] so planning this portion of our nuptials is much less daunting.  I know many brides leave the honeymoon up to their honey, but I’m WAY to hands on for that. And with me being so obsessed with vacations, I want to get my hands dirty in choosing where we go.  See below for some top choices thus far.

Bora Bora

These photo’s don’t need explanation. The magnificent beauty of this place is just, remarkable. So why haven’t I booked the honeymoon yet or why am i not sitting there right now? Naturally beauty like this does not come cheap. This is one of the most expensive options we have, but by far, the most spectacular. I’ve found some great deals that include airfare, complimentary scuba, snorkeling and jet ski rental, as well as honeymoon perks [champagne, dinner by candlelight, etc.] This island sits next to Tahiti in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


Fiji is another one of those places that make my jaw drop with how gorgeous it is. I’m afraid if we go here I won’t return home! Much like Bora Bora, Fiji and its surrounding islands sit peacefully in the middle of the Southern Pacific Ocean, with Australia to its far left and Chile to its far right. I love how secluded the island is. It kind of makes you think it’s your own, private island! The only downfall I’ve found, thus far, is the same as Bora Bora: the price tag. However, as the summer approaches, so do the deals!

Sandals St. Lucia

You can not go wrong with the Caribbean, at least in my book. Beautiful beaches, beautiful weather, beautiful everything. What also makes the Caribbean so fantastic is how close it is to the states [well, in comparison to Bora Bora]. Sandals, who are known for their romance packages, offer a honeymoon bundle in St. Lucia that includes airfare, room and all food and drinks. You can also add a romance or luxury package for a few hundred dollars to ensure your honeymoon is amazingly luxurious. I am also easily wooed by all-inclusive deals. A honeymoon is meant to be a time that is worry-free, and what is more worry-free than not having to pay for anything out-of-pocket? [Well, almost nothing].

Europe & the Mediterranean

I’m praying on both hands that the unrest in Greece is settled by next year because I really want to go there! I’ve always heard such amazing things about Greece and it’s top on my list of places to visit. If things are still rocky, we do have a back up plan for this option: explore the Mediterranean coastline [Spain & Italy] or travel about in Europe [England, Spain, Germany]! Elliot is very keen to this option [he’s dying to go to England] so this might be what we chose. I’m still wedded to a secluded beach but I guess an excursion around Europe wouldn’t be too bad 🙂

Friends, recent brides and brides to be, what are your suggestions or pieces of advice?



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2 responses to “Honeymoon shopping!

  1. Em

    We did a Sandals and loved it. I’ll be doing a full review over on my blog once I get my act together. We’re definitely beach people so that’s what we automatically gravitated toward. Plus, the thought of gallivanting around Europe after all of the crap that surrounds wedding planning was not appealing to us at all. I didn’t want to think for a week straight after the wedding. Ha, I’m ready for another vacation now!

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