A truly beautiful inspiration…

This post is not about my wedding, well, directly. It’s about a wedding I was just recently at [and in] and the entire affair was such an incredible event and inspiration to me. This wasn’t just an ordinary wedding either. It was the wedding of my VERY best friend! I knew, from the moment she got engaged, it was going to be gorgeous. But I was just…blown away…with how amazing it looked. I can only hope mine is half as beautiful as hers. [And I’m 1/3 of the bride she was.] Here are a few snapshots of her special day. I’m so thankful to have spent it with her 🙂

Her hair was so pretty! I love the flower!

Me and her other amazing bridesmaids. I loved the simple black dresses.

Everyone dancing! [I loved her short reception dress!]

The happy couple at their first dance! [I’m stealing the bright shoes idea, just with a different bright color!]

I love how simple and elegant these chairs were!

Very cute table numbers!

Even though I’m making a weird face, I’m having a blast dancing into my announcement at the reception!

In the end, a wedding is  a night to celebrate your love and your future. So let loose, smile, laugh, cry and dance. It’s a party after all 🙂


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  1. Em

    Awww thank you for writing this! You’re so sweet 🙂 I’m glad I could “inspire” you (ha, that sounds so weird). It was so awesome having you there and your pictures made me sooo happy! And please, wear bright shoes!! They’ll make you and everyone else who sees them smile!

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