Takin’ it back…to the 30’s.

I’m very excited about my theme. Like, smiling right now, giddy butterflies inside excited.  I knew when it came to my wedding, I wanted something traditional but with a fun, elegant twist. After doing extensive reasearch, I fell in love with the vintage-inspired theme.  There’s just something so classic, elegant, unique and…well, me, about it. After a bit of a crisis, “My bridesmaid dresses don’t fit this theme, I’m going to have to change everything, nothing will match..I have no idea what i’m doing!”, my coordinator reminded me of one very important thing pertaining to my wedding. A theme is just a theme, it needs to fit you and your personality, not the other way around.  I think I was meant for a vintage wedding even before I started researching because my fiance, not even meaning to, picked out a ring that has such an amazing vintage vibe!  So below are a few inspirational photos I’m using to design my perfect vintage wedding. 

MY RING!! My fiance did such an amazing job. And the cushion set diamond and oranate filigree gives this ring a vintage flair!

Easy, DIY signs! All you need is some wood, paint and your imagination!

I’ve never been a bird person, but I simply love this idea. It’s not only creative, it’s cheap, DIY and very vintage!

Since we are having an evening wedding, lanterns on the trees will add elegance to the night sky. I also love the idea of using old mason jars. [Must be the southern girl in me!] Another DIY, cheap project!

I really wasn’t into the all white floral design until my coordinator showed me some photos. Now I’m obsessed! There’s something so elegant, classic and beautiful about an all white display. You can spice it up by adding a few statement flowers or a bright sash!

I’m obsessed with statement jewelry and you better believe I’ll be wearing a bold necklace on my wedding day! I love the diamond, pearl, big flower design of this necklace. I might actually buy it right now!  For necklaces like this one, visit Magpie Vintage.

I’m obsessed with this cake! I love the black and white design, the little splashes of red and the big bow on top! For our wedding, we would probably forgo the bow for some fresh flowers!

Minus the red, which isn’t my taste, I love the candlestick & floral centerpiece idea! The pewter candlesticks add a vintage vibe while the flowers keep it elegant and beautiful.

I think these are probably the cutest cookies I’ve ever seen! Even though the cost per cookie of these range from 3-6 dollars, it might be worth a splurge to have a batch on our sweets bar!

These are just a few of my favorite vintage inspiration pieces! I’ll continue to share any ah-ha! pieces I find and hope you all can do the same!


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  1. I love your writing style, I truly do. I always tell my brides to sit back and relax, let me take the lead.

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