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Releasing Your Burdens

[Photo via Pinterest]

I just LOVE this picture, don’t you?

I’m not a huge balloon person (Em can vouch for that) but there’s  something so wonderfully symbolic about releasing a balloon into the air. We each live day-to-day with so many burdens and weights that keep us down, whether they be financial, love or career, everyday we carry around more weight on our shoulders than we can possibly muster, keeping us well secured to the earth below us. Although we chip away at these burdens, emotions and woes, we can’t fully get rid of them until we allow ourselves, until we take a giant leap of faith and let go of EVERYTHING. Until we do that, we’ll remain stuck to the ground, never able to release into our full potential.

Very sadly, this blog that I love, that I’ve harvested from 2 readers to thousands, is becoming a burden. It’s becoming something I throw together on a last minute’s whim, something I dread and stress about every day. And you know what? Realizing that is the hardest part. This blog was becoming something that kept me firmly stuck to the ground.

[Photo via Pinterest]

I had a conversation with my dear friend Alicia who told me “it’s better to do two things really well than a handful of things just average.” And I couldn’t agree more. Back when I had more time, this blog was everything to me. I got joy out of updating it, interacting with commenters and finding new content. Now, because I’m in a new job, a full-time freelance writer and author to another very quickly growing blog, I’ve lost the passion I once had for this. I’m losing the excitement that once filled every single post, that exploded out of every word. Keeping it up everyday isn’t fair to me anymore and more importantly, isn’t fair to you all, my tried and true readers. You all are incredible and I can never express how much I love and appreciate each one of you. And you deserve me at my best, you deserve my best writing, my best photography and my best EVERYTHING. So, until I have that back, I’m going to be spending less time over here and more time cultivating my food blog, my freelance career and my photography skills. My dream is to be a writer and a full-time dietitian and I’m ready to see where chasing those goals, head on, takes me!

[Photo via Pinterest]

So, I’m letting go. I’m releasing this “balloon” back into the air. I’ll be back next week to share a few more amazing weddings I have saved then it’s time for me to let go. You never know, I may miss this wedding world too much that i’ll be back in a jiffy. Until then, I’ll see you in the clouds :)

You can find me ALWAYS blabbing about food on my food blog, talking recipes, entertainment and fun facts on She Knows and tweeting, updating and sharing jokes on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. PLEASE feel free to contact me, share any exciting news you have and just talk with me in an email! Y’all know I love you :) claire dot gallam 10 {at} gmail.com.


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Tuesday Shoesday: Pretty in Green

I’m not a huge fan of the color pink. I’ve never been. I was one of the only girls growing up who didn’t want to wear pink dresses or ride a pink bike. I’ve always been more of a blue & green kind of girl. This could, partly, be due to the fact I grew up with 3 rambunctious brothers. For example, they used to tear the heads off my Barbies and shave their heads. Imagine what  they would do if I pranced around in a pink dress? Even now, at age 25, I just don’t gravitate towards pink. However, I’m still completely in love with blue and green. So when I saw these gorgeous, bright green suede pumps on Pinterest, my heart nearly stopped.

[Photo via]

I absolutely LOVE this color of green. These would add the perfect pop of color to any wedding dress, don’t you think? Plus, total re-wearability. You could rock these at the office with tailored skinny black pants or with dark jeans on girls night out! I’m smitten, completely smitten.


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Thursday Purseday: Mustard, Lace & Ruffles

I died and went to happy vintage heaven this morning as I was gleefully pinning around on Pinterest. Sometimes, I see things that, pretty much, send me into cardiac arrest. Sometimes, I just, can’t control my reactions. I scream, I clap, I gasp, I giggle. I’m fairly confident my work colleagues think I’m a total nutter. But, I digress (as usual). I found something, a manifestation of everything I want in one outfit today and I just, HAVE TO SHARE.

[Photo via]

This has EVERYTHING I currently covet. The color mustard? Check. Ruffly, lacey top? Check. Nude nails? Check. An adorable short sleeve belted trench? Check. AH. I wish there was a way I could see the whole outfit. I’d probably just, die. But what really drew me to this picture was the bag. The dark, deep, mustard color, the size and the gorgeous leather make this the IT fall clutch. I need it. Someone, find it for me. I’ll make you muffins or something.


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Friday’s Fab Finds: More Ideas for Your Crib

HAPPY FRIIIIIDAY!!! Wahoo! I won’t let this impending natural disaster kill my excitement! (And, don’t worry, I’m fully stocked on enough wine, food and gossip mags to keep me sane for at least 3 days!)

I had a few ideas for what to post for today’s finds, but of course, Pinterest got in the way and I found a whole new slew of gorgeous somethin’ somethin’s to delight your eyeballs with. And, even  better, they all have to do with creating your perfect nest. Like many brides, I moved right after the wedding, so creating a dream newlywed home has been top of mind for me. Even though I’ve been married for 5 months, I’m still trying to create the perfect home for me and my new hubby. Well, I’m pretty sure these fabulous finds and inspiration ideas will get me there (once I have enough money to buy them, of course. Anyone want to sponsor me?)







and the world’s most perfect little set up:


Have a safe and happy weekend! For more of my musings, check out my Five Things Friday!

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Thursday Purseday: A Girl Needs Choices!

Sometimes, a girl just can’t decide on what she wants to wear. I mean, it’s a rare occurrence, of course, but it does happen. On days like that, where you can’t quite figure out the perfect outfit to wear, you need to have some interchangeable options for your handbags and accessories. Are you going for an understated modest look but with a killer, sparkled bag? Or a sassy mini dress with a simple blow clutch? Or dress up your jeans with a fabulous leopard print hobo. The options are endless, so why not play around? That’s the thing I love about fashion, you could wear the same outfit day in and day out, and with a different accessory every day, no one would have a clue!

[via Pinterest]

[via By Stephanie Lynn]

And of course, with all your options and many choices, you clearly need a fabulous closet to hold them all, right?

[via theBERRY]

That closet is a DREAM, right? When I die, I’d like to wake up in there please. With a mimosa, obviously.

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Tuesday Shoesday: Chiffon Bows, Um Yes

Soft chiffon, a pearlescent color and a flattering ankle strap. To many, these sound like the world’s perfect shoes. And to one, very very lucky bride, they were HER perfect wedding shoes.

[via Style Me Pretty]

I literally gasped when I saw them. How absolutely breath-taking are they? Now close your eyes and imagine them, for a moment, paired with a tee length wedding dress that has a tight lace bodice and a flowing, tulled skirt? (like the one below?)

[via Pinterest]

A dream combination. A perfect mix of vintage lace with a modern shape and a unique pump.

What do you think? Too bold for a wedding shoe or just perfect?


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Marvelous Monday: Burlap and Bling

I owe this entire post to the lovely Allison of Engaged & Inspired. She pinned a gorgeous picture on Pinterest, which led me to an entire amazing feature on Elizabeth Anne Designs with photography by Kristyn Hogan!

Now, I must first preface this by saying that I’m not a huge burlap girl. I appreciate it and I honestly think it looks great, it’s just not my go-to when it comes to design or decor. Well, that was until I saw it paired with something I do gravitate towards; bling! I’m such a big fan of sparkle, glitter and all things shiny, but ya’ll know that with this post, this post and this one. However, as much as I love sparkle, it can be seriously overwhelming if it’s not paired down with something more natural. The burlap compliments the sparkle PERFECTLY, giving you a touch of glamour and sophistication AND rustic chic.

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What I’m Loving Wednesday: Lavish Outdoor Receptions

I’m thinking I should rename this series “Pinterest Wednesdays” because I’m finding that I spend a better part of my Tuesday evenings finding stuff I love on that site to feature on Wednesdays! I don’t know how I ever lived before Pinterest, do you? (All photos courtesy of Pinterest).

Hopping right in today, I have some INCREDIBLE outdoor reception ideas to share with ya’ll. As you know, I’m the number 1 fan in the outdoor wedding club and I don’t ever see that changing. You could be getting married in the fanciest ballroom ever and it still would not trump the  natural beauty of the outdoors. However, a tree is a tree and on your special day you want something a little bit more eye catching right?  Something a little bit more like this?

Or this?

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The Volkman Home Makeover: The Living Room

We are finally making some headway on the home decor, thanks to a weekend of no real plans which allowed us to finish unpacking. It’s amazing how gorgeous a room looks when it’s not completely covered in boxes.


Now the hard part, finding out how to fill the space! For starters, we are going to begin with some sitting furniture. I found the most amazing couch + love seat and a darling “workman’s bench” at VCF. The whole set is a bit steep, but in my opinion, completely worth the cost. A solid couch set can last you years! Now all it needs is the tooshy comfort approval (and husband bank approval) and it’s ours!

Darling, right? I want to keep with a light beige and walnut motif with bright accent colors like yellow and red.

[Images via Pinterest]

This chair, the vintage suitcases and amazing rug, which all cost more than one month’s rent, would make all of my furniture dreams come true. I could totally see myself enjoying a nice cocktail or two on my fancy vintage yellow arm-chair.

Now that my furniture is set, it’s time to figure out how I’m going to decorate all of that blank wall space. Luckily, we have a pretty good selection of art up already but I found some amazing prints and random wall decor on Overstock that will fill in the gaping holes.

Hand painted red flower set, $99.99

Jacquiel Flower Dance, $87.99

Howard Miller Vercelli Wall Clock, $56.99

Lastly, all it needs is a gorgeous plant and we are set! (A girl can dream, right?)


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My Realistic Life: What I’m Loving Wednesday

As you all know, I’m working really hard (that’s what she said) on a band new website. Creating a look from scratch and creating a new BRAND is not easy work. It’s taken me quite a while to really hit the ground running but I’m so incredibly enthused about the look and feel of this gorgeous new site. It’s currently in the beginning stages of production, but I’m hoping it will be ready by fall! Um, it’s going to be SO pretty and I’m really excited.

So with that, I’m going to be blogging more about me, my life and what I’m loving. I mean, after all, that’s why you read this right? To see what’s going on in this little crazy brain of mine? It’ll also make my life so much easier, post and organization wise. I’ll still be posting a few times a day, just all in one snazzy, fabulous location.

Besides loving my new website, there are a few other things I’m absolutely obsessed with today, and they all have to do with outdoor decor. But can you blame me? We just moved and I have my landscape architect pants on. (I wear many different pairs of pants on any given day).

To really get an idea of how I can decorate, you should see what I’m workin’ with.

The trees are my favorite :) So as you see, we have A LOT of space in which to decorate. I don’t like clutter (you’ve seen the houses with giant flamingos & plastic accessories in the yards) so I want it to be minimal but still impactful. I’m thinking of a lounge area in the shady knoll to the right with a few couches, a table, a make-shift tent and tons of lighting. I’m currently OBSESSED with outdoor chandeliers, string lights and lanterns hanging in trees. Then closer to the house, I’m thinking of tables and chairs, a picnic table and grill for eating. Luckily Pinterest understands the way my head works and has a ton of amazing ideas.

He may  have his man cave, but I’ll have my own outdoor wonderland :) (Thanks Pier One for the quote!)

All images courtesy of Pinterest


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