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Marvelous Monday: Cake Stands & Tea Plates

[Via Country Living]

Now that all my big stuff is taken care of [WAHOO!] its time to focus on the little details. However, these little details are some of the most important decisions I have to make for the wedding! Not only do these details add up, making one large task to focus on, but they are the pieces of the wedding the guests will see for most of the night. Plus, the ornate little details are often heavily captured by the photographer.  With that being said, I’ve turned into a slight perfectionist, making sure every single piece is exactly perfect [or as close to it as I can get!] One of the main tasks on my plate right now, ironically, is finding a plate! [Cake plate, that is!] We’re having a gorgeous, vintage inspired wedding cake and it needs just as gorgeous of a plate to sit on. I’m all about the details in my wedding, so I’m trying to find a stand that reflects the vintage, historical vibe of my day without breaking the bank or doing it myself. [I'm trying hard to avoid those tasks!].  Cake stands are also incredibly versatile as well, so I’m trying to find a couple that I can use for different purposes! [See below!]



Lace cake plate by Luna and Chloe Weddings

Photo by Clara French, stands featured on Twig & Thistle
Aren’t these a riot? I love the bright colors.

Bright milk glass stands via Ruffled Blog

Vintage pewter stand via Planet Cake



Black lace cake plates by Luna and Chloe Weddings
This stand is not only gorgeous, but really easy to make! A perfect DIY accessory to your wedding.

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The Mighty 400: A Giveaway!

Hello friends, fans and followers! I feel like we’ve been so disconnected due to the holiday, either way, I hope ya’ll had a great Thanksgiving [American friends, that is]. I know I’m not the only person struggling today! Although I could blab forever about needing an extra day off, I’m going to get to the nitty-gritty of this post. A giveaway! I’ve been promising ya’ll that I would have a giveaway when I reached 400 followers, well, I’ve reached AND surpassed 400! Thank you all so much for following, this site is a product of all of you!  To celebrate, I’m teaming up with McKay of Oatmeal Lace and giving away one of her AMAZING clutches. I found her work on Etsy a long time ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.  If you haven’t seen her bags, go now! Here’s a sneak peek at a few of my absolute favorites.

simple stylish sarah clutch

lady in red

simply sweet kathryn clutch- customize your bridesmaid clutch

Now, how do you enter to win one of these magnificent bags? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Leave a comment stating which bag you’d like. If you’d like one custom made, detail what fabric, liner, patterns and colors you’d like!

2. Follow me on twitter: @realnutritioncg.

3. For an extra entry, comment on what content and new features you’d like to see here at A Realistic Wedding.

Contest ends December 8th at midnight. Good luck!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

[Food Network]

[Blue Artichoke Interiors]

Hope your day is as beautiful as these tablescapes! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday Shoesday: Pretty Flats

What do these lovely shoes have in common? SPARKLE! [Photo via One Fab Day]

One of my favorite trends in wedding shoes lately is bling. I love when a bride’s shoes sparkle and shine with lots of sequins, glitter and embellishment. It’s your wedding day, why not have shoes fit for a freakin’ rock star? Although I’m obviously a huge fan of sparkly pumps, my feet are not as keen to the idea of spending 14 hours in 4 inch heels. So to  make sure they are happy, I plan on having a comfy [but still sparkly and sexy] pair of flats to swap into come dancing time. Because the one thing that will make this smiling bride a bitchy one? Foot pain! [And if something goes wrong, but that's a different story and post all together]. Not to mention, these flats would be perfect with tights and a holiday cocktail dress! All you need to provide is the party! These fab flats can be found at Nordstrom.


[From left: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6]

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Marvelous Monday: A Gift for Your Girls

I get by, with a little help, from my friends! [Photo via]

I honestly do not know how I’d survive wedding planning without the help of my amazing bridesmaids [all below with yours truly!] I knew they would all step up and help out, though, they’re my very best friends! Choosing my bridesmaids was one of the easiest tasks I’ve had thus far.  I knew it was always going to be Emily, Liz, Heidi, Ashley, Bridget, Shannon and Melanie. I’ve known some longer than others, but I don’t validate my friendships solely on length. Each of these amazing girls have been by my side through it all, whether it be all 24 years of my life or just the hardest 2. And now, more than ever, they are all taking the initiative to help out however they can, and even reach out to me to make sure I’m okay. I’m so incredibly blessed. Wow, this is making me teary eyed! Either way, I love my bridesmaids and want to really give them something that shows how much I appreciate them as well as something that is unique and fits each one of their tastes.

But, since my lovely bms read my blog and follow me on twitter, I’m not going to share their gifts! Instead, I’m showcasing a bunch of great ways to give thanks to your girls, whether you have 7 like me or just 1!

My Amazing  BMS:

My twin, Ms. Elizabeth Joan. [Don't you love the Tuscan hills in the background?]

My bff for 19 years, Mrs. Babaganoosh Burwell.

Ms. Think Classy Bridget.

My bbf, Ms. Smashley.

Heidi. Another blushing bride to be!

My partner in crime, Ms. Melanie Felony.

Ms. Shannon, also know as Ricky Skaggs.

Aren’t they all, just, stunning? To learn more about them, visit my wedding website.

Now we move onto bridesmaid gifts. I’m lucky because someone approached me with my gift idea, and I absolutely fell in love. However, I know my experience is the exception. I talk to many other brides who are just stumped with what to get their bridesmaids and I can understand why. You want the gift to be personal and unique to each of their tastes, however, you want to keep within a budget and stick with some sort of consistency and fairness. [You can't buy one bridesmaid an Ipad and the other a clutch from Target, for example]. After doing some stalking, I’ve found some really cute ideas to help take the burden off bridesmaid gift shopping.  Brides who are recently married, how did you give thanks to your leading ladies?

My Favorites

Set of 4 Small Satin Purse with the flower..Choose your colors

Small Satin Purse by Poppy Punch on Etsy.

5 Gracey Clutches In The Fabric of Your Choice

Customizable Gracey Clutches by Gracey Bags

Clutch - The Christine Clutch - Tuxedo Ivory and Black

The Christine Clutch by The Social Seam.

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Friday’s Fab Finds: Darling Little Trinkets

I haven’t used the word trinket in a while but the amazing finds I’m about to show you don’t really fit into any other word description. I just couldn’t decide on one type of product, so I thought I’d share a mis-mash variety of a bunch of different types of products. Some days, like today, it’s good to color outside of the lines, so to speak :) All of these fabulous trinkets can be found at Anthropologie. And I know I’m not the only person who thinks these could make fabulous holiday gifts!

[1, 2, 3 and 4]

[4, 5, 6 and 7]

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Thursday Purseday: All I Want For Christmas…

…is a bag full of sparkle, a bag full of lace, a bag with big bows, that has  style and grace.  One that makes an impression, when I bring to a party, a bag so stunning and gorgeous, it won’t matter that I’m tardy! What better way to start off a Thursday than with a purse rhyme? Although I say this every week, Santa, I really want this bag. It’s sparkly and feminine and the perfect accessory to all of my holiday galas and balls. [Okay, so maybe just one party, but a girl can dream!] This fabulous bag can be found on Etsy. And with how well I know my readers and friends, I know it won’t be in stock for long!

Which one is your favorite? I’ll take the sequins black one, please! Oh, what am I kidding, I’ll take one of each!

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Wedding Wednesday Wonder: A Magnificent Cake

I saw this cake on today’s Cake and Picture’s Daily Destination and literally gasped out loud. It is one of the most intricate and gorgeous cakes I have ever seen. If this was my wedding cake, I’d have it on display the whole night and serve sheet cake from the back. You’ll understand once you see it. I’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful cake! Be sure to check out Kathleen and Chris’s Scotland nuptials as well. You’ll be saying ‘I do’ to Scotland in no time! Photos are courtesy of Craig & Eva Sanders Photography.

Aren’t these details immaculate?


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Venue Spotlight: The Meridian House

[Via Jay Premack Photography]

Happy Tuesday! It’s time to explore another gorgeous venue! This next venue is as gorgeous and historic as the last, but is situated in a bustling urban city instead of the rolling mountains of the Blue Ridge. For all you city girls craving a venue with a historic feel and political vibe, the Meridian House in Washington DC is your destination.

The Meridian House was designed by renowned architect John Russel Pope, the talented man who also designed the Jefferson Memorial, the National Gallery of Art and the National Archives. This historic home is also the headquarters of the Meridian International Center, which advances the United State’s public and cultural diplomacy efforts and has since 1960.  The house sits next to the White-Meyer house, another historic home which once housed two very prominent Washington families, including Henry White, a diplomat to Italy and France. Both houses are surrounded by private gardens, which make these homes seem like they are in the country, not the nation’s capital. The surrounding plush gardens and the home’s antique and formal interior make the Meridian House a perfect place for an intimate and formal wedding.  The cost to rent the house and gardens for a 10 hour event on a Saturday evening is $9,500. The house can hold up to 300 guests.


DC Wedding Photographer: Wedding Photojournalism and Event Photography in Washington, DC

DC Wedding Photographer: Wedding Photojournalism and Event Photography in Washington, DC

DC Wedding Photographer: Wedding Photojournalism and Event Photography in Washington, DC

Jay Premack Weddings: Wedding Photojournalism in Washington, DC

Above photos courtesy of Jay Premack Photography.

[Photos via Love Life Images]

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Tuesday Shoesday: A Little Sparkle and Pizzazz

Happy Shoesday friends!! Let me just tell you, it has NOT been easy to find affordable blue wedding shoes. I’ve searched everywhere.  I’ve actually stopped searching in the desperate hopes that I’ll wake up one morning and a perfect pair will be waiting on my doorstep, with a note. “Found you!” Or something a little less creepy. Either way, it’s been stressful. After a few weeks hiatus, I started my search again and was instantly met by these jaw-dropping, sequined, glamorous and AFFORDABLE royal blue pumps. At only $90, these could easily be my wedding shoes. And the all over sequins add just the right amount of pizzazz without being too overkill. For all of you not loving the blue, they come in gold and black too! You can find them at Zappos.

Which color is your favorite?

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